We have developed a range of practical and interactive guides to manage our health and build well being that complement our Self Care Library and turn the evidence into steps you can take at home.

Learn to be Well Workbooks are  free to access on this website. They are designed to support linked take-home Journals that anyone can use at home. These will be especially effective when the individual users are supported by health professionals  who wish to empower their patients and clients, to coach them to recovery in areas where delivered treatments are less effective. workbook logo

The first workbooks provide supported self care approaches to improving the ‘four pillars of health’ that are most effectively managed at home. 4-leg stool

Step-by-step approaches to correcting poor sleep patterns for the long term.

Instead of more confusing dietary advice this allows you to work out your dietary needs yourself – the antidote to diet books!

These are step-by-step approaches to applying the most effective approaches to living in difficult times, including two dedicated diaries and effective relaxation exercises.

Here you learn more about fatigue and depression, understand your own mix of low mood and energy, source help, and take simple steps with a dedicated diary through to age-old ‘convalescent’ approaches to restoring strength and energy, with the right balance of rest, exercise, and diet

These workbooks have been  piloted by Advisors working with  ‘ill or disabled’  ESA (Employment Support Allowance) jobseekers through St Loye’s Foundation, a leading disability charity.


other workbooks and manuals will follow ..