Learn to Eat Well Workbook

Below is the current full copy of our Learn to Eat Well Workbook that is free to use.  It does not lecture to you about what you should or should not eat! Rather it helps you better to understand your own eating patterns and identify where you could try and change. To do this it collates the most reliable information available about diet and healthy eating, and provides a step-by-step orientation to allow anyone to construct a good Eating Plan that works, whether to be more healthy, lose weight, or manage illness better.

Ideally the Workbook should be used with a personal hard-copy Learn to Eat Well Journal. This uses self-assessments, daily charts and a dedicated diary and is the ideal way to design and set about your Eating Plan that is based on your own circumstances.  Ideally the Journal is something you can share with someone, either a professional, carer or friend, we know that making changes always works better with support.


The Journal can be compiled for you by participating health and care professionals or facilitators, or obtained directly from this website. You may use this on your own, although it will work best with someone acting to support and check in with.  Please contact us for a personal copy of your Journal and with any comments or questions.

Note: the Workbook is an embedded pdf – please allow time for it to load up