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There really is a lot we can do to help ourselves

This site is undergoing redevelopment for a relaunch in 2019 with major new partners. It will build a resource of the best, most reliable tools to help us safely look after ourselves and our families. We find the best evidence about modern approaches to keeping well, and rediscover and update old wisdoms. Most of the approaches are natural and all are suitable for home use.

In the meantime enjoy what we have so far.

Our Workbooks and Journals

We all need good sleep, to enjoy good eating, calm in a stressful world and adequate energy to see the day through. When these go wrong they often worsen other medical problems. Our free-to-view Workbooks set out the best self-care approaches to improving these four ‘pillars’ of health.

The Workbooks are best used along with take-home ‘Journals’ for creating personal care plans and monitoring progress. These Journals are now available as packs that care professionals can assemble into individual handouts for patients or clients to use at home. They are designed especially for you to take back and share with your practitioner or other supporter – we know that having personal feedback is the most effective way to change our health long term.

Check with your  practitioner or carer to see if they are willing to use the Journals and review your homework. Point here link for further information. Then you may get a personal take-home book like this:

Self Care Library

Our FREE independent review of scientific evidence for a wide range of self care approaches in 12 common conditions where prescriptions can often be a last resort: things you can do at home, things you can buy and people you can see. Each is given a simple rating for benefits, risks and costs.  Created by a team at the University of Westminster, London with the support of the UK Department of Health.